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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 22, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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standing by with the latest. there are relative directly behind me in officers directly behind me. this is still an active fire scene. in the distance, you can see some of the damage that this fire has done. spring water down on some of the hot spots. they are working on this video speaks for itself. by going down the fire escape.
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>> i have not know where i employees to lift.--i do not know where i am going to live. i saw flames on my windows and the apartment next to me. my furniture, everything is gone. i'm on disability. i have no clue how i am not going to live. i am totally devastated. my mother died last year on christmas eve. third year i is.--here i am. i do not know if i will have a home. >>j.r.: as you look at that is one of lost their home in the fire. alejandra cerball
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and and leave will hear what some i would this is a health is a lot about the massive relief flight and mi-fi 30 million stories. our goal of full and for but--roy in my five helium
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this is the three story victorian where the fire happened. the board of firefighters is a the fire started in the rear of the bill mehari once it started here is data attuned to the other deal and a nearby . her will then leave--
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45 men identified it was still raging and spreading. >> these bullets are attached and that is why it spread so quickly.--these dwelling s are attached and that is why it spread so quickly. >> we have our arson team out rear--we will go in and determine the cause of the fire. >>reporter: at this point there is no determination on the cause of the fire. that may come tomorrow. the chief
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said they think they look out here. yes, four buildings were damaged and three severely damaged but she said had this happen overnight there would've been a lot more people evacuated. she said right now the count of those would of been less than a handful she said if it happened in the middle of the night it would of been a lot more evacuations and there would allow more people injured. >>reporter: we are in the weather center and jacqueline is here to talk about the wind and how that played a role. >>jacqueline: we did see gusty conditions throughout the bay area this afternoon and this morning, take a look at the career when speeds the ec over san francisco, very calm. over by the coastline we have virtually the same thing. let us take a wider view at the bay area. we have 49 per hour winds. the winds were
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in the 20 mi. per hour range with wind gusts up to 30 mi. per hour. take a look at the future forecast. a few wind gusts remain as we head into the 7:00 hour. >>reporter: stay with kron4 news throughout the evening as we continue to cover the developments. we also have more resources on our web site. meanwhile, in and of the story, this one elucidate shot rain and reason and then a loud explosion greek police say a man crashed his car and three other vehicles this morning in west oakland corporate after being shot multiple times. after he hit
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the of the car his vehicle burst into flames. risk the man was taken to a local hospital where we and teresa estacio reports that this was an alarming crime. >>reporter: look at the bullet holes that pierced the victim's car, and on the street in separate showcasing from shot fired. this was a brazen crime shattering a peaceful morning. neighbors say all of a sudden they heard a loud noise. police explain the noise than neighbors heard was the victim's car smashing into three others and then bursting into flames. the impact was so hard, you can see the damage that was done to all four vehicles involved. police say the victim crashed into the cars after losing control of his vehicle after he was shot. >>reporter: is the person identified a known gang member?
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>> we know they he is an african-american male, he is 23 years old building he reside in oakland. we're not sure how many suspect it they approached on foot or if there were also in a vehicle. investigators are trying to develop any leads . officers are in the neighborhood canvassing for any witnesses. >>reporter: police say they are alarmed that such a violent crime erupted in this neighborhood putting so many people at risk. >>reporter: fortunate that no one else got hurt? >> absolutely, this this holiday season and we know that we have children out of school. >>reporter: coming up a last-minute compromise in washington d.c. just before the holiday break. we look at how republicans and democrats finally agreed on a plan to extend tax breaks for american citizens. nurses are on strike across the bay area why they are
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walking the picket line and the warning is that they have for patients. the last large occupy encampment broken up over night we had the dramatic confrontation between the protesters and the police in berkeley. >>reporter: you are looking live above the huge three building fire that ripped through san francisco. stay with us as we continue to stay on top of this developing story.
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of american workers will not see their payrolltaxes rise. >> has this place becomes so dysfunctional that even when people agree to things we cannot do it. >>reporter: house
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republicans may not care what the president says the voter opinion is another matter. >> the government has got away from the fact that they're supposed to be public servants. >>reporter: the payroll tax cuts will be extended through february. court who they will review continued jobless benefit and scared doctors revealed additional payment. grisham >> and record i think i members' wages and if i carried >>reporter: the only way to pass the compromise is by unanimous consent the few representatives said no objections and the measure is passed back to happen as soon as tomorrow. that will give the president barely enough time to hop on air force one and make that trip to hawaii to spend christmas
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with his family the rest of them have been waiting for him there for several days. meanwhile, experts say the economy in 2012 is looking promising. that is according to analysts who are dismissing the possibility of another recession. 43 economists associated press say that the odds of another recession is at about 25%. the economy has grown faster each quarter and last should be the best with an annual growth rate of more than 3%. experts are attributing that to more consumer spending. meanwhile, business is booming for ups today this is the busiest day for shipping of the year. the shipping company is expected to deliver more than 26 million packages today alone. over the course of this whole week, ups is shipping more than 120 packages. the company has added more flights to meet the demand. if you procrastinate, do not worry, you still have time to clean
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ups is delivering through christmas believe it. >>reporter: texas family is recovering after being buried in a snowdrift, look at that. for nearly two days, when the husband and wife in their 5 year old daughter were traveling to mexico when they got stuck in a snowstorm. they managed to call for help and rescue crews began to search for the family they found the suv under 4 ft. of ice on wednesday morning. but that, you can barely see the car windows. the state police say that the three were lethargic and cleaning to each other when they were found at last check they were still in the new mexico hospital. >>jacqueline: high temperatures to they were warmer than what we expected to face to the wind. we had 66 degrees in santa rosa, 62 in oakland, 59 degrees at antioch and 62
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degrees in fremont. take a look at our bay area temperatures. we still see some breezy conditions in a couple of spots. for the most part, the wind is starting to die down. this will make for a very cold night tonight. take a look at a freeze warning in effect. >>jacqueline: temperatures will be absolutely free did overnight. we will see widespread areas of frost, you definitely want to bring your pets indoors, do not leave them outside. if you have exposed piping if you are in the hard freeze area
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you definitely want to cover those up because they could burst. we have dry air right now and the dew point is so low, the temperatures will go down in a hurry this evening. >>jacqueline: i would not be surprised if we set some record low temperatures out there tomorrow morning. it looks like we have warmer conditions compared to the rest of the bay area. into the afternoon the temperatures will be in the upper 50s with no wind to knock our temperatures up in the '60s tomorrow. >>jacqueline: here is a look your extended forecast, very
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cold out there tomorrow morning. the same for saturday morning. it will warm up on christmas morning but still very chilly. showers are likely as we head into next week on wednesday. we will keep you posted. >>justine: -- >>reporter: the occupy berkeley protest camp has been taken down by the police. berkeley city leaders say rise in safety and health concerns made the police moved in late wednesday night. we went to the park earlier today to check out the clean-up operations. >>reporter: police have removed occupy protesters from civic center park and the cleanup has begun. public works crews were on scene backing up--bagging up
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trash. one employee was standing by with a citation tablet in hand to write up any offenders. >> we have risen over 50 citations, alcohol in public, smoking marijuana, ... >>reporter: there were about 60 tents here before the police moved in late wednesday night now there are a handful of campers that are allowed to stay here during camp hours. >> you cannot be here between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.. that is a violation that the officers will always be citing people 4. >>reporter: you are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving
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...for the final days to save before christmas... ...and shop til midnight for those last minute gifts. like 60% off must have winter coats... ...and 60% off the coziest sleepwear. go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney. >>reporter: the man accused of punching in killing his two month old son will stand trial for murder. he admitted to having his son in the head with a closed fist because the child was crying. the boy died three days later back in february
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with multiple skull fractures. in the south bay gilroy police are searching for a man and woman that rob a taxi driver. investigators say the cab driver picked up a couple early yesterday and the crooks placed an unknown object to the driver's head stole his wallet and cash there were last seen running from the scene. stay with us, will be back after this and raped.--this break.
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>>reporter: coming up at 5:30 p.m. there was a fire in san francisco leaving many people without a place to live. we would hear from residents who narrowly escaped this place. + we will take you to a grass fire burning dangerously close to homes. and thousands of nurses are on strike including here in the bay area. we will tell you where and show you how this is affecting patient care, those stories and more up
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[music] >>reporter: continuing coverage of our big story out of san francisco. this massive fire ripped through buildings today. it has been several hours since it started but fire crews remain on the scene. j.r. stone has been there all day he joins us live, what is the latest? >>reporter: behind you can see the street is still closed because this is still a fire scene. i want to step out of the way so that you can look off into the distance. i know that is very dark this evening but this section that you are looking at we were shooting out of this section earlier this afternoon and now it is just black charred wood. we have been talking with people all evening. and talk with a number of witnesses on what they sought.--they saw.
5:32 pm
>> you could see the orange flames insignificantly all of the place. >> up we saw the flames and they kept burning and burning and a look like it to be fire department about one hour to the top floor under control. >> it was unbelievable the fire, and we could feel the heat at this corner. >> we started smelling smoke and then we came down here and it was the most intense thing that i have ever seen. >>reporter: you heard it in his own words, the most intense thing this man has ever seen. and this is some of the video that was shot this afternoon the flames were shooting 20 to 30 ft. in the era i am told that three people were injured. >>reporter: 4 buildings all caught fire at one time this
5:33 pm
afternoon. we had been talking with witnesses all day long. we were talking with some people were inside the building when it caught fire and this is what they had to say. >> i was inside and the fire alarm went off it happened really fast me in a neighbor thought it was a false alarm. >> all of the apartment buildings notified all of us to exit as fast as we could. >>reporter: we just spoke with the deputy chief as you
5:34 pm
can see they started setting up barricades are round--of around the areas that have been burned. they have fire crews here in the have been going in and out of these buildings. there are arson investigators here but they will be back tomorrow. there is still no determination on how this fire started but you can see the heavy damage on the side and in the back of the building. the fire department says this is where is the fire started in with the wind, it was quickly spreading through the building and the largest apartment building that the hit was 25 units. the managers of the buildings were instrumental in helping to get the people out safely. >> i ran out of my apartment and i could see fire at the back stairs and i started running up and down and telling everyone to get out. >> someone was my unit from downstairs and set fires,
5:35 pm
fired in if so then i called 911 i grab my cat and started handing out the door. rides his team of the second fire between our building and an the other building. i grab my cat and i ran downstairs. >>reporter: these buildings are uninhabitable. here is a red cross just a half a block from here. we just received an update from the city they say they have seen almost 40 people so far, 16 meeting hotel rooms. they will be able to stand no hotels--they will be able to stay in those hotels for release wednesday they sit obviously this is so hard for people because this is the holiday season so they're giving them food vouchers. they are expecting even more people to show this evening. >>reporter: let us fly in to give you some perspective on the scene. this is right here at alamo square. this
5:36 pm
is the intersection where happen. and we will show a couple pictures sent to and from our viewers. you can see all the smoke billowing up from the building. our this is a really close shot, firefighters are shooting water into this. and look at the flames coming out of the windows of this structure. as we back out, there is black smoke, white smoke, there is smoke all over the place. and this i believe is from the pacific ocean there were not specific, but as you can see, you can see all the smoke over san francisco earlier today. meanwhile, another large fire today this was a grass fire that started near highway 37 close to sacramento street. you can see the flames burning dangerously close to some homes that is right there towards the bottom right of your screen. the wind was fuelling this one more than 20 a. have been scorched. cruise's requested
5:37 pm
an air unit to check for homeless encampments in the area there are no reports of injuries or any structures that were damaged. now to another big story throughout the bay area, thousands of nurses are on a one day strike at eight hospitals in the bay area. this is a list of the following hospitals that will be affected. >>reporter: nurses at the following locations are also on strike as well. this was the scene today as nurses walked the picket line in oakland. >>reporter: sutter has
5:38 pm
brought in replacement nurses for the strike and you're is what one nurse told us earlier today about is the direction. >> they haven't gotten a lot of training they have two days of training and we were worried because there was an incident on the last strike in september were one of our patients died at the hands of one of these workers that were brought in. >>reporter: we will have more on the strike including what the hospital has to say coming up on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m.. [music] >>jacqueline: we are in for a very cold night tonight, last night we had the wind, it is dying down right now but near the temperatures really we'll start to drop off. take a look at the current temperatures. >>jacqueline: as i mentioned, the wind will start to die down and we will see freezing conditions in oakland, san francisco and also in livermore. the combination of those two
5:39 pm
things will lead to a frigid conditions tomorrow morning. a freeze warning has been issued a hard freeze warning has also been issued. we do have change is coming later nixon to kick--we do have changes coming later next week i will have details coming up and we will be back after this.
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>> we saw the first-time unemployment jobless claims
5:43 pm
decrease. on top of that you have a little bit of a december rally. it is not bad, with all but the headlines that are out there we are not on the open up yet. often you have a list of people that have been hired for the holidays, those are the numbers than you do not want. reporter--but old to believe that is factored in. >>reporter: we have a another winner, house republicans are agreeing to the tax cut. >> it was ultimately watching sausage being made again and wall street is not like that. the republicans
5:44 pm
wanted a year extension and they want with the two month extension. it looks like obama has semaphores and momentum going into the election year. democrats have too much to figure out how we raise taxes to support this and republicans have too much to figure out how do we cut taxes even more. >>reporter: i did have this feeling that in two months will be back in the same position we are in right now. >> we just do not like what we are seeing. >>reporter: if you purchase something on my from best buy that millions of people did, you could be in trouble if you waited until the last minute. >> you and i talked about this on camera you'll missed a shipment of goods, and they know what good are how many customers, but this is
5:45 pm
an example of a company that may not be around and 10, 20 or 30 years. a lot of my friends go to this by the episcopal product and then they go online. they are not getting a lot of traction with the internet so it is telling you that they're in trouble. i think this is too big of a store to maintain in the future. >>reporter: but best buy is certainly a loser because if you order something for someone for christmas and it just like it there. that is that good kid car and we will in this off with a winner, maybe this is the best time to buy a house for some people. >> this is fantastic if you're getting into a home now your mortgage will be low for 10 to 15 years. that will play on the economy at a nice level. we do have some stimulus coming at lower rates for you and i, i mean homeowners. >>reporter: rob black, thank
5:46 pm
you so much. >>jacqueline: now we do have some cold air coming in. this will lead to the temperatures in the 20's and 30's. take a look, your eyes are not deceiving you. 24 degrees in walnut creek tomorrow morning, 33 in hayward and 29 in palo alto. by noon, will be in the '50s and will stay in the upper 50s by 3:00 p.m.. take a look at the freeze warning in a hard freeze warning in affected and round a hard freeze is for the delta and the inland valleys. many places are in the '20s overnight for several hours. we have widespread areas of frost. we do not have to deal with the fall because it is too dry for that. definitely bring your pets indoors if you live in the area in the white, the delta in fairfield, you definitely wanted--to protect expo's
5:47 pm
piping because with temperatures this low, the pipes could burst. concrete tomorrow morning it will be absolutely frigid. check out the temperatures as you go out the door. >>jacqueline: 40 in san francisco look swarmed by comparison, but we will warm up into the afternoon. >>jacqueline: here is a look at your extended forecast, it is very cold tomorrow morning and on saturday morning. the freeze warnings are in effect until saturday morning as well. we have mild conditions through the afternoon, christmas will be really nice. monday will be nice as well, we have
5:48 pm
changes coming in next week by wednesday it looks like we will finally get rain that.--back. >>stanley: the driver of this honda just applied his brakes, the reason he is less than 10 ft. on the tail of this car in front of him that is called tailgating or as some people call it falling to close. did i mention i am writing with the chp? so, the driver get to chat with the officer. >> the reason i stopped you is because you were falling to close. >>stanley: this is one of the main reasons for the rear in collisions and why we like to call these accidents, the chp believes that 99 percent all collisions are preventable.
5:49 pm
following to close is preventable. this driver was in it the no. 1 lane falling to close and the red vehicle. trim remember it turns out she was driving on a learner's permit for three months so the officer had this >> in order for you to safely stop you would have been following the car in front of you for 300 ft.. >>stanley: she was issued a warning. the driver of the white toyota was also issued a warning for falling to close. >> the this is that you're following room 10 ft. at 7 be allowed for our you cannot stop fact another. you would of rear ended the car in front of you. >>stanley: in an emergency with the driver be able to stop in time? >> it generally takes about three seconds. >>stanley: that is one and a
5:50 pm
half seconds to see the problem and then one-and-a- half seconds to react. ó??g÷p÷÷÷ >>8ç
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>>reporter: this just in, beltran has just signed a deal with the cardinals. in is two years. he is no longer with the giants he is left to play with the st. louis cardinals. we will be right back.
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bam--2 >> i heard some crackling and added that no it was i heard people yelling get out calculus' device all the plans i've tried to get my cat out one from---out from under the bed and she would not come i did everything. by the time i looked and try to get out my kitchen, my hallway and a bathroom were all involved in flames. i had me 30 seconds to get out it was going that fast >>reporter: there were a number of practical us stories--a number of
6:02 pm
miraculous stories. be a man, a construction worker who went into action when he saw the flames and this is what he had to say. >> we started kicking doors opening getting people out, people were asleep, we're getting people on the elevators to exit. we did not have time to react, we had to do what just came natural and get people out. cats, dogs, people i am not used to be in that situation but we did whatever we could to help. >>reporter: a number of the roads in this area have reopened the firefighters are still on the scenes bring down some of the hot spots. reporting live in san francisco i'm j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>reporter: our team coverage continues with dan
6:03 pm
kerman who is live at the command center investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused it is today >>reporter: as you can see we're on the golden gate avenue fire crews have not accounted for everyone who were in these buildings. they have accounted for all the people in the three buildings. we can show you where they believe the fire began, it is up here in the three unit victorian. it is a wood frame building and that is where they believe it started. >>reporter: the fire broke out shortly before 12 noon and the rear of a wood frame victorian and quickly spread through the building and to the 25 unit building on the corner next door. >> midway through it became too dangerous so we pulled crude out of the main fire building.
6:04 pm
>>reporter: some 45 minutes into the fire it was still raging and for the first time in six years, a fifth alarm was called green half of the city's firefighters to this location. >>reporter: if he did not make an aggressive attack you literally lose the whole lot. by 1:30 p.m. smoke and flames continued to pour out of the building of fire crews begin to the upper hand, and some three hours after the fire broke out firefighters had it under control and the fire was out. >> i see he kept a lot worse a lot of the times the fighters have been in the middle of the night and you have more people at home. but it was not as complicated as it would've been if it were in the middle of the night. >>reporter: arson investigators have been through all the buildings and they believe they know
6:05 pm
the cause of the fire but there will not release it until they can get in in the daylight tomorrow. cooler as you know it was a three unit victorian building and there was 825 unit building behind us and people had to evacuate when it caught fire. earlier today kate thompson spoke with someone that help with the rescue. >>reporter: firefighters are still on scene out 73 burned out apartment buildings this evening they're going back to see if they can find anything like wallets for people that left in such a hurry. there were two apartment building tenants that were instrumental. >> i ran out of my part i could see fire at the stairs and then i started running up and down the doors telling everyone to get out. >>reporter: the city since so far they are providing 16
6:06 pm
families with hotel rooms. reporting in san francisco i am paid thomson with kron4 news. >>reporter: stay with us throughout the evening as we continue to cover the developments. we also have your photographs and comments on >>jacqueline: one of the reasons why this fire was fuelled is because of the wind this afternoon. right now the wind is a little bit,. we have gusty conditions throughout the day to day. we have, winds this evening. take into the future forecast. the wind is dying down will not see many 20 mi. per hour wind gusts. the wind will stay fairly calm overnight as well. this will lead to very cold
6:07 pm
conditions overnight. take a look at fairfield right now we're at 40 degrees, currently 48 in navato, 46 is santa rosa, the temperatures will continue to drop off a very dramatic the overnight. that is why we have a freeze warnings and a hard freeze warning in effect. the hard freeze is the white on your screen and a freeze one is a purple color on the screen. temperatures will be frigid out there overnight. we have the 20's and '30's. 20s obviously apply to where we see the freeze morning for several hours. these will be the widespread areas of frost. if you are in the hard freeze areas that meet the delta, fairfield and force the central valley. you definitely want to protect the exposed piping with temperatures like this the pipes could burst overnight. we'll talk about the freeze warnings and a temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. >>reporter: in the east bay
6:08 pm
man was shot multiple times and then crashes his car. but it all the bullet holes that you see on the car. that is the victim's car, out on the street there were 10 shell casings. it all started to unfold around 10:30 p.m. in west oakland near the intersection of 46 and west street. police said the man was rushed to the hospital is unclear whether the suspect, or the suspect or on foot or in another vehicle. >>reporter: one neighbor was frightened when she heard all the noise. >> i heard the gunshots and when the car actually hit my neighbor's car and hit the blue car and then when i came out it was all smoke. and then when you heard it more and more i knew something was not right. when i came out it was just
6:09 pm
boom boom boom. she you know, a >>reporter: some people thought was an explosion. >> that is what i thought at first. because i was taking care my grandmother but when i came out side i thought i hope it is not the car. my neighbor was in her car when it happened the blue car, but she is ok now. she was leading when it all happened but luckily she is ok. >>reporter: police say they are investigating their unclear if it was one person or several people involved in the crime. and nurses went on strike across the state of california today. several thousand nurses in the suburb group say they are fighting to keep their health care coverage and nurses tell us why the strike was necessary. >>reporter: it was a party like atmosphere for nurses
6:10 pm
on the picket line in oakland where about 700 nurses, caregivers and technicians at staged a one day strike. dancing aside, this 21 year veteran nurse says that there are serious issues at stake for nurses of the sun healthcare group. >> healthcare, sick time, vacation time, patient advocacy. >>reporter: she says although replacement nurses have been brought in she was concerned about her patients. >> 3 month ago they said that they brought in replacements and we know what happened then. so you should be concerned. i pray that nothing happens to my patients can we'll be back there as soon as this is done and we are allowed to return to work. >>reporter: in long beach
6:11 pm
california 2000 registered nurses are also on strike today. the one day walkout is on the nurse to patients staffing ratios, increased health care premiums and required furlough days. nurses at long beach memorial have been without a contract since late september. stay with us, we are back right after this.
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6:14 pm
>>reporter: house republicans have reversed the opposition to each month extension of the tax-cut program >>reporter: your lawmakers sure felt the pressure counting down to the end of the year when 190 million americans would seem a tax increase if congress cannot act. thursday house >> john speaker boehner said he reached a deal with harry reid to extend the payroll tax cut for two months. ross >> the middle-class family
6:15 pm
room is small businesses are struggling and there it would sacrifice in a
6:16 pm
are a few degrees above what we'd thought they would be into the afternoon. while pierce into a already dropping off the dramatic scene in public places. greenhouse and again fairfield at 40 degrees, who already have 40 navato, and 46 in santa rosa. report region temperatures will release are sliding over the next few hours and is arrested overnight. when the wind is getting hotter. once the wind dies down the track to choose will plummet. and we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay and also for the east bay valleys and down in the south dade. we have a hard freeze warning for the delta, fairfield and the central valley. how
6:17 pm
temperatures will be widespread in the '20s for several hours. precarious of frost, we will definitely see those tomorrow morning and if you live in areas where the hard freeze is, definitely bring your pets inside. it will be very cold out there tomorrow morning and if they are not used to this is unseasonably cold. would the temperatures in the '20s for so long, you're exposed pipes could burst. again we have a lot of '20s out there. we also have some 20 down in the south bay. needless to say, we have a frigid morning tomorrow followed by a pretty mild afternoon.
6:18 pm
>>jacqueline: here is a mature extended forecast, cold morning in cold again on saturday morning. the freeze one is already in effect. we have mild afternoons a little warmer in the morning on christmas morning this will be a nice afternoon. we do have changes coming next week it looks like will get some rain back and forth past starting late tuesday through wednesday we'll keep you posted as things get closer. >>reporter: a blanket of snow is giving denver hopes for a white christmas. urologist illegal dump six to 12 in. in the city and two to 3 ft. in allied areas. it is making the driver around denver a nightmare. look at the bus there. dozens of flights have been cancelled. >>reporter: a texas family is recovering after being
6:19 pm
buried in a snowdrift for nearly two days. the couple and their five year old daughter were traveling to mexico on monday when asked in a huge snowstorm. they called for help and rescue crews finally found the suv under 4 ft. of ice wednesday morning. look, that is the driver's side door the state police say the three were lethargic and singing to each other when they were found at last check, there were still in hospital. >>reporter: the verizon wireless for g l t network is back up and running after service that left customers frustrated. experts say this will not be the last time that a severe breakdown network. allison has more. >>reporter: wednesday's average was the second glitch for the 4 g data network into weeks and the third this year. that is a lot for a mobile carrier that prides itself on network reliability.
6:20 pm
horizon's outage is only the latest incidents in the string of phone carrier issues. in october blackberry experienced a massive three day outage affecting millions of users around the globe it was laughed at by many in the industry and considered a serious blunder for the parent company of black berry, a researcher in motion an at&t suffered a power outage of a different kind it was forced to abandon its $39 billion acquisition of t mobile usa after antitrust regulators blocked the deal. it was made at&t the nation's biggest wireless company. the rise and is a little different the carrier is the first provided the world to deploy before jeanette work on a large scale, experts say the outages are growing pains that, adopting new technology. 880 suffered similar problems with the first unveil the 3 g network in 2008. while the rise of one not comment on what exactly caused the outage experts say this probably
6:21 pm
will not be the last time it could become a random occurrence until all the kinks from this new advanced network are worked out. >>reporter: new year's live is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year this is the only local countdown show hosted by our very own. we take you to the biggest and best parties around. the party starts new year's eve at 11:30 p.m..
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6:30 pm
francisco firefighters have it too was a fire that kept them busy for several hours this afternoon. it the fire destroyed four buildings caricom or affected and more buildings behind it. i want to go to the field because this tells the story
6:31 pm
itself. you can see the smoke and the distance and then you can see flames shooting in the two firefighters and one other person but all had minor injuries, that is the good news this evening just a minor injuries. >>reporter: continuing our coverage, the red cross is reason is a missionary to as a temporary evacuation center for the victims. some victims wrapped in blankets after their evacuate from their home, many were visibly shaken concern with their safety and the loss of all their belongings. this is not a shelter but a place they can get food, medical assistance and also clothing. a spokesperson did tell me that so far, 16 people have registered here to get help but they are
6:32 pm
expecting that number to grow as people get out of work. the address here is 1455 golden gate ave. >>reporter: still fire officials still have not determined the cause of this blaze, but they do believe it began in the wood frame three unit victorian. at this point, arson investigators have been through the building and they will be back again tomorrow and some time, they will release the origin of the blaze and exactly how it began. >>reporter: here in oakland, a man crashes his car into three vehicles. this happened the police say because he was shot multiple times while driving. neighbors say the impact of the vehicles hitting one another was so loud that it sounded like an explosion and in fact, the man's car burst into flames. he was taken to a local hospital.
6:33 pm
police say that they are looking to several suspects in connection with this crime. >>reporter: here at summit medical center in oakland, nurses had a one day strike. >> we are not asking for anything but to keep the contras that we already have. >> including are sick time, health-care and our rights advocate for our patients for safe and quality health care. >>reporter: they say they're asking nurses to contribute to their health care coverage and they have reduced other demands that the hospital may during previous negotiations with the nurses' union. >>stanley: during the holidays it is normal to see decorations on people's lawns showing their christmas spirit. the man in any of has an inflatable snowman on his lawn that he said of during the evening hours so that others
6:34 pm
concede. however, someone went around and placed some of the decorations in a very unlikely position. >> it looks like the two of the deer are having sex. >>stanley: i will show you this coming up in my report. >>jacqueline: take a look at our temperatures out there. we have a hard freeze warning in effect for areas overnight. here is a look at the north bay there is a freeze one through here and also to the east bay valley and down to the south bend area. >>jacqueline: we have 20
6:35 pm
degree readings for several hours. widespread areas of frost are expected. >>jacqueline: you will definitely want to bring your pants inside. areas where the hard freeze warning is in effect could burst overnight. take a look at this neighborhood by neighborhood, we headed out of 20's out there tomorrow morning. >>jacqueline: we will have a cold morning tomorrow and will also have a cold morning on saturday. we have mild afternoon all the weight of the next several days the this changes by mid next week with a grain coming back to the forecast. >>reporter: george michael
6:36 pm
is out of the hospital he checked in last month with severe pneumonia. he was rushed into a hospital room on november 21st. a representative for the singer says that michael will continue to rest in his home in london. and this american idol star was reportedly arrested after a bar brawl. the 29 year old and his boyfriend who were both jailed earlier this morning.- >>justine: -- >>reporter: former new york representative anthony wiener is making headlines begin this time for being a new dad. he welcomed his son jordan zane into the world. he resigned after racy
6:37 pm
photos were sent to someone he was having an affair with. he resigned.
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6:40 pm
>>reporter: if you are looking for a tasty and talk of this holiday season and we may have finally talk solutions-borden-found a top of that he could see with your hot spot runteeth int missiono with.--joel--sink your teeth into. and >> out there are a lot of
6:41 pm
the homeless is here and live and they are playing, we have when they're run what is then hit zero and it frightens but critics say that had sought unless the ostler o
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6:45 pm
trend is now the st. louis cardinals. now how you like it oakland fans, you lose another big star going from the green and gold to the washington nationals. they acquired him in a trade. so
6:46 pm
gonzales, another one go on. the fire sale continues as they try to go low in hopes of a new stadium. former giants infielder mark darosa has signed with the nationals. for most teams it will be an nfl saturday this weekend. relics' seattle was tough of there, but if they're going to get over because--but if they're going to get over it has to be because of the defense. harbaugh has said this is my guy, he and the of the defense.--he is the anchor of the defense. >> he did a lot of things really well. he couldn't
6:47 pm
rarer breed ass an basically that is what he did. >>reporter: it was only a matter of time before this became an issue for the leak.--for the league to play a say brain injuries have left of struggling with problems years after their playing days ended. they say the nfl knew as early as the 1920's of the potential concussions and did nothing about it. and that will go on and on and now a legal issue on the brain issues. the odds of u.s. team went way up there this afternoon because its quarterback he says he's coming back for his senior year. some thought he would come out just like and to look bit out of stanford. looking down the road he will come
6:48 pm
back and be the king of troy. he will also be a heisman favorite no doubt. all right, now we go from this to what we do next? here is something you do not see every day this is from a soccer game in amsterdam. a fan runs on the field and attacks the goalie. look at that, and the goalie since you are going to be out here, take that, take that and then take that. he just kicked him repeatedly. and then the referee gave those guys a red card. it was later rescinded, but again, you folks at home, do not rush a soccer field in the middle of a game. when we come back a quick visit from a couple of four rookies.-- warrior rookies. just hours
6:49 pm
away from the nba regular- season openers. we will have a nice quick chat with the two of them. come on back, do not move.
6:50 pm
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up for real. we get to visit with the card plate thompson in the middle and we have trawls chieftains next to him to his right. and mr. jenkins doing the drills, he makes it look like it is nothing. they all came from practice this afternoon to have been in studio visit with us. this is just days before we get it going. welcome and clay, i will start with you. you
6:53 pm
had a couple preseason games, forget about the second one, but what have you learn most of that experience? >> we both have to adjust to the nba case it is a lot different than college to adjust to the shot clock to go from 25 seconds. we just got a feeling of the system and as far as the defense and what they expect. >>vern: you come from washington state, tony bennett, i guess this is wrapped up in livermore. and you have the nba pedigree your dad michael thompson for years and nba star, what is the best advice that he is giving you? >> he has always told me to take the game by game, he told me would not play great every game. he city will have a bad game every once in awhile but it is how you come back that is how you measure your plane. he told me that it goes will fast.
6:54 pm
he played for 12 years. and he said it is finished before you know. >>vern: to mr. jenkins, you get a lever 12 games coming off the bench and you have to be fired up. >> most definitely, i have to to give it all the time that i have on the court and everything that coach tells me to do. >>vern: there are all kinds of perks when you get to the association but your biggest is the key card to get into the gym at any time is that right? [laughter] >> definitely, coming to the nba especially being a rookie, you just want to get better every day. >>vern: you guys, you are a couple guards, and i know
6:55 pm
that steph tweet that ankle stain got there is no structural damage, but just being around him what you get from him? i guess he is my day today. >> he wasn't on crutches today so that was a good sign. we learned a lot from him. it was his rookie season, he had a great year. he does has a great feeling for the game. he has a tremendous work ethic and he works really hard. >>vern: now we missing you light a fire when you come off the bench, but i see steph, it lives--looks like he is a smoothly doing it. >> that is why is so hard to guard him because it is
6:56 pm
like he moves at his own pace. i have definitely learned a lot from him. >>vern: still pretty much, as he goes, the teen goes agreed? >> yes, pretty much. >>vern: now what was he saying to you after the game? what has coach said? >> he has always told me to keep shooting. he told me the drive is for a reason, so be up there and score. he says never to lose confidence. he told me i could miss 30 shots as long as there are a good shot and i keep playing hard. >>vern: now is coach a screamer or does he speak at high volumes? >> coach is not really a screamer but everyone knows what he is serious and when
6:57 pm
he wants to get his point across. >>vern: christmas night against the clippers you will have about 18,000 people screaming for you, we will see you then. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
are j. lo and marc now fighting for custody of their twins? >> who will have the babies for christmas? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. latest twist among the biggest celebrity splits. >> now the couple may be heading for a custody battle. >> is marc trying to ban jennifer's new younger man from max and emme? >> marc has been extra furious watching casper drive their kids around. the rumored threats. plus -- >> would you think about getting married again? >> what jennifer lopez told me about her love life. are the kardashians headed to court over the sweatshop allegations? >> what do you think about people saying children making your clothing line. all-new palin versus the president. >> we shouldn't be surprised, but we don't have to put up with it. >> why she's furious over the white house christmas card. >> as a "view" star reveals her sexy season's


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